Alex McEachern erneut in Hannover

Wir freuen uns, das der anerkannte PQ-Spezialist Alex McEachern wieder in Deutschland ein Event gibt.

In Hannover können Sie Alex McEachern am 17. Mai 2018 live sehen. Bitte den Termin vormerken.

Nachfolgend die Vorstellung von Alex McEachern:

Alex McEachern, the founder of PSL, is known worldwide for his lively and thought-provoking seminars on electric power quality. An industry author and international power standards expert, Alex is Chairman of the IEC Working Group that sets the standard for power quality instruments, and the Chair of voltage sag standard for the semiconductor industry, SEMI F47. He is Fellow — the highest possible standing — of the IEEE. Alex is also an inventive fellow, with 30 U.S. patents awarded so far. Among his many accomplishments, he is proudest of the fact that companies he created have led to more than 3,000 man-years of employment.

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